Ariane de Rothschild Fellows 2014

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Drum rolls please!

We take great pleasure to announce to you the Ariane de Rothschild Fellows for 2014. This year’s Fellows will be taking part in what promises to be a unique experience for social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial dialoguers; they will be making the best use of their passion and skills in order to connect, exchange and benefit one another as well as the world we live in. Below is a list of this year’s Fellows with links to their social enterprise.

Sabri Abarkan (might be wrong picture)
Nathalie Ballan
Ilana Ben Ari
Tamar Berger
Kevin Berkane
Elisa Birnbaum
Maggie Dunne
Anja Fahlenkamp
Ali Ferhi
Frank Fredericks
Soufeina Hamed
Abdelaziz Hammaoui
Karim Hauser
Rachel Hodes 2
Ibrahim Jaaber
Zachary Levine
Karim Mahmoud Vintam
Nick Martin
Khadijah Matin
Afnaan Moharram
Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad
Alejandro Okret
Sohayle Sizar
Selina Ullah
Maria Lucia Uribe Tores
Ben Yeger

We look forward to seeing the fellows this year in Cambridge in August 2014. Stay tuned!

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