About the Fellowship

Years ago the minds behind the AdR Fellowship recognized three things: One, that there is an urgent need to bring innovation to the field of cross-cultural dialogue; two that a business mindset can be of great value to build tangible impact; and three that there is an exciting opportunity to better expose social entrepreneurs to the knowledge and analytical frameworks offered by social sciences. “Distinct fields such as dialogue and entrepreneurship cannot afford to exist in isolated ivory towers” says Ariane de Rothschild. The continuing disconnect between social sciences and business prevents the emergence of sustainable solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. How can you design solutions for a problem if you lack an understanding of the historical and political context of the people you are trying to help? And how can you do good without going broke? “When blended together, business, academic scholarship and empathy provide an extraordinary force for change” adds Firoz Ladak, CEO of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Thus since 2009, the AdR Fellows through this unique design thinking model have engaged with a wide range of thinkers and practionners from universities such as Columbia, Cambridge, the University of Montreal, the School of Oriental and African Studies, the London School of Economics and Cornell.

This is what the AdR Fellowship is about: harnessing the entrepreneurial drive of mainly Jewish and Muslim social entrepreneurs to build sustainable impact and at the same time nurture wisdom in leaders.

The AdR Fellowship is:

Instrumental: in providing the tools that allow the AdR Fellows to think ‘outside the box’ – using their analytical skills to unravel the real issues behind the challenges they face and applying a multidisciplinary approach to design solutions for their projects.

Conceptual: in contributing to the understanding of global issues, reframing debates and understanding history, politics and business theory.

Transformative: through capacity-building and personal development.