The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship 10 Year Jubilee

The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship is exhilarated to announce its 10-year Jubilee program to be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation from October 14 to 18, 2019. This program is open for applications exclusively to the 220 Ariane de Rothschild Fellows.

These past 10 years, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations have fueled a phenomenal force of diverse leaders who reflect the DNA of the AdR Fellowship: that leadership is more than personal ambition; it is also service, requiring the will and capacity to inspire and co-develop our societies. The AdRFJubilee is not only a celebration but also a moment of reflection and sharing with our selected Fellows on the values that we all stand for and our recommitment to amplifying our voice in the public space. These Fellows will have demonstrated the tenacity, leadership, and optimism necessary to be champions of change in and around their communities and beyond. AdR Fellows believe in harnessing social good, living with courage and standing fearlessly to celebrate differences and subvert polarization. We commit to building an inclusive society where diversity is empowered and individual values are honored.

Under the central theme of Strategic leadership: Communicating Voices, Disrupting Division and Economies of Cohesive Collaboration,we invited 22 Fellows to help steer and shape the future voice of the AdR Fellowship as well as realign on shared values. During their time in Portugal, the Fellows will experience peer to peer training, leadership workshops in communication with top industry experts and personal development that will augment their assertiveness and galvanize their unique voices. This select group of leaders will henceforward be known as The Legacy Fellows.

The right conversation can change a life; the right conversation can change the course of history. Join us in creating such a movement.